Seaside Mystery Version 0.10 Beta


Seaside Mystery

The Next installment of The Twist??

-New character: Professor Lin
Professor Wei Lin has been introduced to the game. You will meet her inside the college building.
-New location: College interior
College interior has been added.
-New location: The garage.
Now then you click on the garage doors outside MC’s house, you will enter the garage.
-Brenda’s progression updated.
-Brenda’s shower peeping scene updated.
-Janice’s progression updated.
-Mini game : Volleyball added.
The beach volleyball with Janice added to the beach location.
-New swimsuit for Janice added.
-Janice’s dream scene updated.
Now the dream scene is split into several parts with extra animations added.

Developer: KsT
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Seaside Mystery Version: 0.08 Beta
Censored: No
Size: 1650 mb

Download game:


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