Yoshi Garcia is stuck in a rut, professionally and personally… until he finds himself kidnapped by alien pirates. At first opportunity, he escapes, stowing away aboard a cargo freighter, where he hopes to hide out until he can sneak off the ship. Unfortunately for Yoshi, he’s immediately discovered by the freighter crew.

Kol is the gruff warrior who commands the ship. Razix, the red-skinned flirty Regulan, is the ship’s hot-shot pilot. Zed, the furry beast, is the security chief. Nasir, the territorial human, keeps the ship’s systems running. And finally, Doc, the intelligent blue-skinned Sargan, keeps the crew patched up.

Help Yoshi find adventure and romance (and hot sex) amongst the stars!

What’s New!
• Chapter 9 – added a new CG artwork
• Expanded Wixanite presence in the Prologue
• Trading Post – final background art
• Wixanite – final sprite
• Soundtrack – final music for Kol’s Theme
• Nasir – Updated work in progress sprite
• Add changelog.txt file and About page tab
• Misc. spelling and expression fixes

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 172 MB

Download game: