Reverse Psychology Version 0.12.0


Reverse Psychology

In Reverse Psychology you will be able to live the story of “MC”, a guy who, due to certain events, developed a great problem of insecurity, but does not show it. On his way, he will meet the right people who will help him overcome it while he helps them.


+ 330 renders.
+ 19 animations.
+ New map: Main stage of the club.
+ Working system and shows inside the club.

Incest Content:
To activate incest content in English: When asked who “Valery” is for “MC” put Mom or mom
Para activar el contenido de incesto en Español: Cuando te pregunten quién es “Valery” para “MC” ingresa Mamá, mamá, Mama ó mama


Developer: Neytan
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.12.0
Language: English, Espanol
File size: 1800 mb

Download game:


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