Requiem Symphony Version 0.12

Requiem Symphony

Requiem Symphony

The world as humanity used to know it is no more.
Set in the not-so-distant future, the story follows the steps of a young man during his last year in high school,
years after the end of “the great last war” that almost caused the extinction of the human race.
However, that war was not fought between humans, but instead,
against a strange and unknown kind of creatures known merely as “Demoniens”,
a name given to them based on their demonic appearance and their lack,
of any kind of human emotion or sign of intelligence,
not to mention an incredible lust instinct. After the human race managed to achieve victory,
peace was brought back and the world was finally able to focus on reconstructing society as it once was.
Everyone seemed hopeful about the future, including our protagonist,
that is until one night when his life is turned heads down after his parents,
are murdered and he is forced to go live with his best friend.

Developer: Lumicent
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Requiem Symphony Version: 0.12
Language: English
Size: 868 mb

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