Price of Power Ch. 2


Price of Power

You play as a young man (default Michael) who lives in a small village on the edges of civilization in a Medieval-era world who gets sucked into the adventure of a lifetime with his childhood best friend (default Maria).
Wholesome romance and an epic adventure awaits!?

Dev Note:
I recommend playing the game from the beginning since there’s music added, some graphical improvements, and some minor code changes – you will still be able to use your Chapter 1 save, but for the best experience, you should play from the beginning.

– Added in Chapter 2 content (approx. same length or slightly shorter than Chapter 1 depending on reading speed)
– Retroactively added music/sound effects to all of Chapter 1 as well as Chapter 2
– Co de and graphical updates to Chapter 1
– GUI/UI improvements – you will now be able to change font size, font color, textbox style, and textbox opacity. Also added a quit button and made some other small GUI improvements.

Developer: Pandaman Games
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: Chapter 2
Censored: No
Size: 924 mb

Download game:


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