the Family Business: Parallel Universe Version 1.0


Parallel Universe

In ”the Family Business” you will play as Alex, a 23 years old boy. He lived alongside a family that cared for him as if one of their own. After he finished the second year of high school the father of the family decided to sponsor Alex so that he can get a better education abroad. After completing his high school education in two years in a different city and living in hiatus for a couple more, Alex spent two years studying business. Getting a phone call from Nicole, he had to go back to the house he left years ago. Is Alex going to be able to reconnect with the family he once lived with? What has changed? What is in store for them?

Developer: Nemesia Productions
Platform: WindowsLinux
Language: English
Parallel Universe Version: 1.0
Censored: No
Size: 1120 mb

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