Invasion – Version 0.0.2a



At the beginning of the story, you are just a normal college student. At least you think that you are normal.
As a kid, you had strange dreams. You don’t remember clearly, but there is something you know. The beings in your dreams were just as real as the people around you. Or you thought so when you were a kid. Because you’ve never had these strange dreams in years again.
You graduated from high school. You grew up and started college. You’re happy because you’ll get the chance to use the talent that you developed in high school. Now is the time!?

Relationship Menu has added. With that, you can now track your relationship points with other characters.
Money system added.
The Turkish language fixed.

Developer: MultiChoicesStudio
Platform: Windows/Linux
Language: English, Turkish
Invasion Version: 0.0.2a
Censored: No
Size: 323 mb

Download game: