My Hunt, My Paradise Version 0.1.2


My Hunt, My Paradise

“A strapping young man is on the newfound path of learning what it means to be a Hunter. While traveling with your friends, you will protect the castle and hunt monsters; while eventually growing strong enough to begin the quest for your missing brother and his partner. During your quest for power, you find and work alongside multiple beautiful women. How you handle the surrounding situations depends on the choices you make. Will you make your paradise come true? Or leave it as it is?”?

-Added 300+ Renders.
-Added 11 Animations.
-Added 2 new characters. (Elaine and Caroline.)
-Added stamina bar for the combat. (It is still not the best, but I’ll improve it once I learn more about the coding)
-Story continues.

-Skin shaders of the characters. (Due to changing the skin shaders, some of the characters are looking different now.)
(Character’s who got changed a lot because of the new skin shader are Priscilla, Giana, and Selina.)
-Replaced the old renders with new ones.
-Training grounds have been changed.
-Blacksmith’s shop has been changed.
-Fixed grammar of the first update.

Developer: MrRazv
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.1.2
Censored: No
Size: 1080 mb

Download game: