MetF Chapter 3 v0.50b



MetF is a story about a strict and very religious mother who lives in a world where money dictates everything.?


MetF v0.50b
190 images and 962 with animations.
At least 56 animations.
4 Scene on Thursday at noon. 1 scene at night.
2 Scenes on Friday at noon.
2 Scenes on Saturday in the afternoon.
2 Scenes on Sunday morning.

132 images and 555 with animations.
At least 22 animations.
3 Scenes on Wednesday evening.
2 Scenes on Thursday in the afternoon. 2 Scenes in the evening.
1 Scenes on Friday morning.
1 Scenes on Saturday in the Night.
1 Scenes on Sunday Morning.

v0.38 DLC
142 images and 656 with animations.
At least 29 animations.
6 Scenes on Wednesday morning, 3 scenes at noon, 2 scenes in the afternoon.
1 Scene on Friday at Night.


Developer: Amaziri
Platform: Windows
Language: English, French
Version: 0.50b
Censored: No
Size: 4800 mb

Download game: