Ludus Master version 0.9


Ludus Master

Ludus Master is an adult, management style game, situated in an ancient Rome times. You play as a young guy who must return from military service after his father’s death to take over family business. However, you find his life’s work – a Ludus school, in ruins and you must start over.

Your task is to acquire a servant, asses her abilities and talents and decide an appropriate type of training for her. Then you have to oversee the training, design daily routine for her or give her special tasks. Different types of servants give you unique option – some can cook, some can gather resources, work with customers or even fight like gladiators.


Ludus Master Version 0.9

Two new characters – Boudica and Skuda. Boudica is captured Briton queen, entrusted to you for training as a gladiatrix. Once you start her training, pay focus to it daily, otherwise it may go wrong.
Skuda is a former Scythian auxiliary in legion and your new tutor for gladiatrixes (only Boudica in this version). You must find her a hire her first, before you start with Boudica’s training. She has a minor quest arch, which will unlock new scenes for her.
Several maps were converted into the new format and expanded. Villa now has more rooms, but their usefulness will be reveled in further versions.
New save file format. This means all old saves from previous versions (for all games) cannot be transferred and used. This was necessary for planned new platform’s functionality, such as scene gallery.


Developer: Mike Velesk
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.9
Language: English
Size: 418 mb

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