Loser – Version 0.05.00 Public



Story Overview: Nathan was sent to jail for cyber crimes his best friend commited, and tried to blame on Nathan. After a year, his best friend was caught, and confessed to everything, allowing Nathan to return home. Welcome home.

What’s new?

Auto-Refreshing Hotbars
Stackable Topics
Hotbar Toggle (TAB)
New Wardrobe Panel: Stash
New Job: Drugdealer
New Location: Park
New Character: Richard
New Richard Archetype: Father
New Richard Archetype: Career Father
New Diane Archetype: Restrained Mother
New Becky Archetype: Clueless Sister
New Gina Archetype: Hot and Bothered
New Function: Lifestyles
New Lifestyle: Tidyness/Laziness
New Lifestyle: Healthy/Unhealthy
Skill Updates: Healthy, Unhealthy, Tidyness, Laziness
New Skill: Sexuality
New Skill: Moral
New Skill: Immoral
New Items
New Topics
New Animations
Lots of UI Tweaks
Lots of Backend Work

Developer: Night City Productions
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.05.00 Public
Censored: No
Size: 1330 mb

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