Lockdown 2024 Version 0.5.4


Lockdown 2024

This is a VN / point & click adventure about a guy about to enter his last year of school when another Covid pandemic hits the world. His dad died from the pandemic while traveling to China on business in 2019 (at least that is what he believes). He is stuck in his house with 7 women. Our hero will discover why he is smaller and weaker than the others his age as well as other mysteries about his and his family’s past.



Added skip to lock picking & hacking mini-games.
Fixed issue when in Devon’s office and you leave before you’ve finished the tasks. Made several changes for this fix. First, disabled the exit (door) if you still have stuff to do in the office. Secondly, when entering the office disabled the menu system so you can’t accidently use the map. Lastly, if you do (or did) exit the room and now you’re stuck, you can get back into it but clicking on the office door from the first floor hallway.
Updated the Quest sequencing so that the “Swapping Pills” quest is only active after completing the remaining quests in the current chapter.
Fixed issue with hacking game. Last symbol was not working correctly.
Updated text on the mission to replace the pills. Instead of being instructed to take the pills it now says pick up the pills.
Fixed issue with Memories not showing new scenes that were unlocked.
Fixed issue where in specific circumstances the variable that controls locking the navigation from the first-floor hallway during the Swap the Pills quest doesn’t get reset. We’ve added a check when you enter the scene set it if the quest has been completed.


3 new missions
3 new H-Scenes
Important Note:As a result of adding the subtitle minimize feature, the left mouse button no longer advances dialog/speech. There are 3 ways to advance dialog:
Right-click mouse
Space bar
Click the “Play” button in the subtitles area
Added ability to minimize subtitles.
Reduced the transition time between subtitles to speed up text.
Updated most navigation arrow to be consistently in the bottom center of the screen. There are still some navigation hotspots to move between connected rooms like the garage, front door, kitchen, etc.
Added timer & tension movement to lock picking. The tension meter will move down unless you add more (left arrow).
You’ll only have 30 seconds to pick the lock to Devon’s office or you’ll get a random cutscene and the lock is reset. Currently, there are 3 short cutscenes that may play if you fail to pick the lock in time.
During the mission “Swap the Pills” the background images for the 1st Floor hallway and media room show that it’s dark outside. Also, you are unable to navigate around the house during this mission.
Fixed issue with Skip mini-games toggle in Options menu
Added a Controls App to the phone to allow viewing of the keyboard / mouse control mappings


Developer: 480 Games
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.4
Language: English
Size: 2090 mb

Download game:



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