Limitless Day 5 – Part 2



Limitless is very loosely based around the idea of the film by the same name. You play a male character who at a youngish age was kicked out of home and since then has been barely getting through life. That is until one day when approached by a stranger to look after some merchandise for him, your world is switched upside down. All thanks to a magical pill.

You will encounter many different people along the way as you improve your life and hopefully get back in contact and in a relationship with the ones you left behind, as well as some others along the way. How closer relationship your build with each person you encounter will be purely down to your choice and preference.


Day 5 – Part 2 Release
Renders: 1305
Animations: 67
Line of Code: 2745


Developer: Cr8tive M3dia
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: Day 5 – Part 2
Censored: No
Size: 1290 mb

Download game:


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