The Last Hope – Version 0.102 (Mord)


The Last Hope

A meteor hit the Earth. The virus from the meteor turns every woman into shemales and every man into a submissive slave. Then a big war between them destroys nearly everything. The rest of humanity build a massive city for the shemales and the shemale queen. Only a thousand woman did not turn into shemale, but every shemales and man are fertile, and nobody can impregnate them. You are the only one who managed to survive everything, and you are the last hope of humanity.

Added 139 new naked shemale solo pics for the fightings
Added 28 shemale suck male player vids
Added 5 shemale suck shemale player vids
Added 12 shemale fuck male player vids
Added 43 facial vids
Added 24 male fuck shemale vids
Added 169 shemale solo teasing vids
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Added a solo Chanel bath scene 9 vids
Added Chanel and Aubrey bath scene 8 vids
Added Chanel and Aubrey bedroom scene. 6 vids
Added 2 x shemale group gangbang a male player scenes (Legendary patron request) 7 vids
Added a new NPC. She is a female.
Added a garden which the new NPC will use and growing flowers for potions.
Added a new trap. Foam trap, teached by the new NPC. If the enemy triggered then once she is reach you and you have to fight with her you have one extra attack at the beginning of the fight.
Added a contact page for Lindsey
Added a shower where you can shower once a day to refill one energy. If your arousal is high you will masturbate. You can have sex with your trained fighter as well. 28 solo vids, 40 male on male vids, 13 male on shemale vids
Updated the guide menu

Developer: Mord
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
The Last Hope Version: 0.102
Censored: No
Size: 2830 mb



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