Killer Project Version 1.10.01


Killer Project

Killer Project is a visual novel with multiple choices about the story of a hit man who, after faking his own death, tries to live a normal life in the city of White Raven, a city full of opportunities, adventures and of course women. These are chapters 1 through 10 of his adventure.?

– Full chapter 10 + new activities
– Fixed a bug on day 65, in some specific condition, the day will jump to the 66th day after the visit to Medusa.
– Changed Aiko’s home location logic, should be easy to get her events in the kitchen.
– 2 new sex scenes
– 2 new animations
– 2 new activities (Roxy and Rachael)
– +50 new lines of dialogue
– 30 new imagens
– Correction of grammar errors (again, thank you very much retor!)
– Minor bugs fixes

Developer: PopSex Studio
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 1.10.01
Censored: No
Size: 892 mb

Download game: