I Know What You Did

I Know What You Did

Info: You are a young man looking for fame. On your way you discover a conspiracy and have lots of sex. It is mainly a sex-romp with a story.
All scenes are fully animated and very explicit.

The demo version has about 1-2 hours of gameplay and 3 fully animated scenes.

Little help: In first job where you must deliver 3 letters, here are places where you must go (creator didn’t wrote it in quest info)
1) Photo Studio
2) Training Centar
3) Some Building in South-West (Near Your House)

Year : 2017.03.23
Censorship : none
Genre : RPG , ADV , 3DCG , Big Tits , All Sex , Voyeurism
Platform: PC/Windows
Language: English
Size : 366 Mb



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