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Holiday Island

You (the player) have just won a lottery for a holiday on a tiny, remote Pacific island… but not just any island! It is packed from the beach to the bedroom with a buffet of the world’s most beautiful girls! (The game’s intro section covers all of this in loving detail!) Besides the parade of enormous boobs, perfect butts and various types of… let’s say, “unclothed intimacy”, there is also a growing mystery your character will uncover and find himself right at the center of!?

New features and content

-Yvette gets another appointment at the beach during sunset –> will be posponed to the next release (again, sorry Yvette)
-Desire gets an extended scene at the gym shower
-Desire gets an extended workout yoga scene
-Alice gets a naughty scene in her room wearing the red lingerie you got her
-Alice gets a web search with 6 images (shipendale lingerie)
-Yvette gets and event where she shows up at the beach bar
-Yumiko gets a posing scene at the beach bar
-Yumiko gets a flirting scene at the beach bar
-The beach bar will be turned into a location you can visit
-Sara gets a long scene at the night bar (with two achievements), where she has a drink with the MC at the bar
-Yvette gets a pool pose scene with some action in her skimpy bikini
-Sara gets a scene at the night bar, where she has a drink with the MC at a table
-Sara gets a second appointment at the doctor’s office as part of Miriam’s quest
-Miriam gets a beach pose scene that is linked to a quest
-Sara gets an appointment at the doctor’s office as part of Miriam’s quest
-Miriam gets an extended walk on the beach scene
-Yvette gets an extended pool sunbed scene in webp format
-Yvette gets an extended event in her room, where she changes into her bikini
-Yvette gets an extended scene posing in her blue lingerie that can end with a round of poker
-Rainy days (before or after noon) will be added, where all activity is inside – so the girls will not use the pool or the beach during the rain
-Heather gets an event in the MC’s room, where she asks to use the MC’s shower
-The new special action (pose butt) has been added for Desire, Faye, Jennifer and Yumiko

Developer: Darkhound1
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Censored: No
Size: 1960 mb

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