Desert Stalker Version 0.08c


Desert StalkerDesert Stalker

Desert Stalker

Desert Stalker

Desert Stalker

The game takes place in post-apocalyptic Egypt. You will play the role of a Desert Stalker; a free warrior and adventurer who scours the violent remnants of a civilisation scattered through sand dunes and destroyed cities. A family man at heart, you will explore the world around you, find treasures, fight enemies, make friends, forge alliances and have a blast along the way, all to provide for your loved ones who dutifully wait for you at home.?

– The mutants lab scene is now repeatable.
– Fixed the missing car images.
– Fixed the missing menu hint image.
– Made the Shani choice a bit more clear.
– (Hopefully) fixed an issue with unlocking the Asha/Kyra gallery scenes.
– Fixed some dialogue issues caused by POV change.
– Fixed a trigger bypass in Ivy’s scene.
– Fixed some wrong images in one path with Fangs
– Various typo and grammar corrections.

Developer: ZetanDS
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.08c
Censored: No
Size: 3410 mb

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