Hermione and the Magic of Love (Jan 2021)


Hermione and the Magic of Love

This game is based on the Harry Potter novels, but it is not a game about Harry Potter. This game is about Hermione! About the same Hermione whom we all love so much and who so undeservedly ended up in the second role. We decided to correct this injustice. In our game, the main character is Hermione! In it you will learn about her feelings and experiences, about her fears and secret desires, about what we did not see on the screen, but what we always guessed. Complete the game and Hermione will reveal her secrets to you! Good luck.?

– 1 new big event within the Hermione story.
– 11 images for Hermione’s Photo Album.
– 1 optional event.
– A new room in the gallery, you can see the portraits of the characters.

Developer: snow.forest.games
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Hermione and the Magic of Love Version: Jan 2021
Censored: No
Size: 716 mb

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