Goodnight Kiss 2 – Version 1.11


GNK2 is a sandbox style visual novel where you play as Eli Jones, a middle aged man who has the gates of temptation thrown open for him by a mischievous young coed. Can you control yourself or will you bang your way through all the women in town? Will you abuse your power and authority? Or will you be a good man (where’s the fun in that?)?

– Bug Fixes
– Cleaned up the ending gallery menu

– Added scene: Threesome with Molly
– Added ending: Libby & Molly

– Added scene: Threesome with Libby
– Added ending: Libby and Molly

– Added scene: Threesome with Mia
– Added ending: Evette & Mia

– Added scene: Threesome with Evette
– Added ending: Evette & Mia
– Added ending: Lux & Mia

Detective Lux:
– Added ending: Domination
– Added ending: Lux & Mia

Developer: Dirty Secret Studio
Platform: Windows/Linux
Language: English
Goodnight Kiss 2 Version: 1.11
Censored: No
Size: 1300 mb

Download game:


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