Earth’s Sexiest Heroes v0.10.0


You are a SHIELD trainee. You go to the academy everyday but this day is different. You were summoned to report to SHIELD’s base of operation: the Helicarrier. Play as a Female Main Character or a Male Main Character and get the know the day and day operations of SHIELD. While you are at that why not get to fuck some of the agents and heroes while you do your job as an agent??

Lesbian Chapter 04 and a new Side-Story

Hello folks!! Today, we are releasing v10 with a new Chapter in the story for our Lesbian Main Character, chapter 04. With this new release we’ve also fixed some bugs. Since we know you love changelogs here is everything new in v10:

Adds a button to access the Side-Stories. Currently we have two side stories. A Patron creation and a Kappuru creation. More will be available in the future.
Lesbian Route’s Chapter 04.
Adds an animation at the Male Route Chapter 01 – Black Widow Wet Dream first part.
Fixes spelling mistakes on Emma’s Side-story.
Improves the layout of the game. We’ve improved the buttons and the sizes of the texts.

Developer/Publisher: Kappuru Games
Platform: Windows/Linux
Language: English
Version: 0.10.0
Censored: No
Size: 580 mb

Download game:


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