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Friends Of MineFriends Of Mine

Friends Of MineFriends Of Mine

Friends Of Mine
Friends Of Mine

Friends Of Mine: You have heard from your friends father that he believes that your friend is on drugs.
He has asked you to investigate, but what you find is even more unbelievable!

– Updated Felix’s story with new content!
– Updated Chloe’s story with new content!
– Added a car dealership in downtown Twonton with 4 available cars.
– Added 2 new hairstyles to the salon.
– Added scenes with Felix’s panties and magazine at the university.
– Added buffs on the sidebar for having a new haircut, getting a manicure, and getting waxed.
– Adjusted some options with specific femininity requirements to show up greyed out when unavailable rather than being invisible.
– Reduced the energy cost from searching through Felix’s room to 5 (from 10).
– Added the current car to the inventory on the Status page.
– Adjusted the inventory to have consumables like drugs near the top.
– Fixed the inventory to be less of a mess.
– Fixed a missionary job scene having the incorrect description.
– Fixed the images on the Status screen from squashing together.
– Fixed Mrs. Morin expecting Felix to be home after he’s moved out.
– Fixed Felix magically appearing back at his parent’s house to embarrass him with panties/magazine after he’s moved out.
– Fixed a text error when searching through Felix’s room.
– Fixed the duplicate Casual Guyish outfit in the wardrobe.
– Fixed a new save file not actually having the default outfit equipped.
– Fixed chatting with Liam missing the correct font color for his dialogue, as well as sometimes just being completely blank.
– Fixed almost all of Chloe’s story options not having the story icon.
– Fixed some old text formatting issues in the objectives page.
– Fixed some incorrect location images.
– Fixed broken images in the Onegaron drug dealer story.

Developer: Sunfall
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.9
Censored: No
Size: 464 mb

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