Friends Of Mine Version 1.1.8


Friends Of MineFriends Of Mine

Friends Of MineFriends Of Mine

Friends Of Mine

You have heard from your friends father that he believes that your friend is on drugs.
He has asked you to investigate, but what you find is even more unbelievable!


– Added more content to Winter’s storyline and increased her mmax relation!
– Added more content to the storyline with Zikala in Thretik!
– Added a new debug section to the bedroom computer with Adjust Cash, Increase Femininity, and Decrease Femininity options.
– Added temporary debug options to set Winter’s story to the dominant or submissive path (for anyone who’s completed all of Winter’s previous content).
– Adjusted the scene with Chet barging in on you and Felix watching the odd tape to only have a sex scene if you are 50% or higher femininity and having him just be an asshole otherwise.
– Adjusted watching the odd tape to not increase femininity above 15%.
– Adjusted the sidebar to be more compact.
– Reduced the cost of Trying Something Different with the prostitute to $20 to match the other options. (down from $100)
– Fixed an issue with the Thretik introduction always playing when visitting.
– Fixed Winter’s storyline always being set to the submissive track in the 200 Relation story.
– Fixed some scenes with the player’s father having errors for female player characters.
– Fixed an issue with text being mixed up in the Try Something Different scene with prostitute if the police show up.
– Fixed a sex scene with Chloe with reversed variable checks.
– Fixed an issue with unequipping accessories in the Twonton apartment teleporting you to your parent’s house.
– Fixed the scene with Chet barging in on you and Felix watching the odd video sometimes being blank.
– Fixed missing access to cuckold oral scenes with Mr. & Mrs. Morin after their last story scenes.
– Fixed one of Chloe’s scenes leaving you in Twonton instead of Onegaron.
– Fixed the Wet Dream and Chloe’s Email scenes always sending you to your bedroom instead of checking if you are in an apartment.
– Fixed some variable issues in the Mr. & Mrs. Morin content.
– Fixed the chance that there would be no image when speaking to your mother about sexuality.
– Fixed one of the female variations of the Pay Prostitute scene not being shown.
– Fixed variable issues when speaking to Chloe after running into Chet outside her apartment.
– Fixed broken image links when giving Chloe a blowjob.
– Fixed several repeatable scenes with the PC parents sending you to the living room instead of back to talking with them.
– Fixed an incorrect variable call in one of Chloe’s scenes causing it not to change under appropriate circumstances.
– Fixed some variations of the sex scene with Random Guy in the city not being shown.
– Fixed some broken image links/missing images.


Developer: Sunfall
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 1.1.8
Censored: No
Size: 1000 mb

Download game:


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