A Very Full House version 0.8.0


A Very Full House

A Very Full House! It’s a game about love, seduction, and corruption, all centered around a MILF-y main character.
Do your best to take control of your household and keep everything under control, by any means necessary!



– Right clicking now toggles your phone up/down (instead of opening Renpy menu, which can still be done with esc)
– Added internal support for different phone background art.
– Fiddled with some of the phone element spacing to get some things pixel perfect.
– Added phone background select app.
– MCILF beach image can now be set as phone background.
– Added 3 pieces of MetaMira art as collectable background art.
– Added 2 pieces of animated MetaMira art as unlockable patron reward background art.
– Tidied up phone background system to be easily moddable/expandable.
– Fixed crash when flirting with Jock
– Added Mod class to make it easier to add in modded content.
– Expanded patch system to support patches for modded content.
– Added example_mod.rpy to provide a working example of how mods can be structured.
– Added an additional example for how extra phone backgrounds may be added.
– Moved shower events into their own file to keep them better organised.
– Updated Jock pool, masturbation events to properly update his clothing state.
– Added Slacker shower walk-in event. Triggers Monday early mornings.
– Added is_at_clickable() function for Person class.
– Added an alternative “corruption start” event if you walk in on Jock in the shower while at CL0.
– Added higher corruption variant to Jock’s shower walk in scene as well.
– Added short shower walk-in scene for Nerd.
– Added short shower walk-in scene for Firebrand.
– Added short shower walk-in scene for Cheerleader.
– Added “help with homework” chore for Cheerleader.
– Added option to have Nerd help with Cheer’s homework.
– Firebrand now spends her weekend noons in the living room.
– Added Firebrand reaction to you wearing a new revealing outfit.
– Added Cheerleader reaction to you wearing a new revealing outfit.
– Added new “sneaking out” event for Firebrand late on Friday nights.
– Added “off map” location for Firebrand when she’s spending the night away from the house.
– ClickableBase now adds location name, interact label, and extra arguments when checking clickable equality.
– Added preview_background screen to (wait for it) streamline previewing phone backgrounds during events.
– Nerd now properly strips while masturbating. Tweaked a bunch of similar not-quite-right clothing settings during events.
– Slacker, Nerd, and Jock now only trigger their “caught masturbating” events if they’re actually in their rooms when you check.
– Fixed backyard sunbathing tease event for Nerd and Jock not having the proper trigger condition (required Slacker to be in backyard instead of them).
– Fixed typos galore!


Developer: MetaMira
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.0
Language: English
Size: 150 mb

Download game:



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