Fight Club Reborn Version 9.2 Beta

Fight Club Reborn
Fight Club Reborn
Fight Club Reborn

Fight Club Reborn

Fight Club Reborn

Fight Club is the story of a female fighter making a living in a Dark Near Future – 2024
The game is mostly text based,playable in a web browser (Firefox recommended) and you make choices that affect you and those around.

A choice can have little effect or it can have a long term and rippling effects.

Just like in real live you are not aware of what are the full consequences of your actions,but they should be mostly consistent with the game world.

The amount of choices available makes it so it will be hard for 2 players to have the same experience.

I might do other games,but “Fight Club” is my baby. The game is not finished by any means but it has a fair amount of content,with several minor endings depending on choices. Currently around 277k words. Don’t be scared though, you will see much less than that in any single play-through, which makes the game re-playable.

While it is possible to avoid most of the sexual themes based on the choices made,some parts of the story are scripted.?

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 64 Mb

Download game:


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