Fantasy Conquest Version 0.5

Fantasy Conquest

Fantasy Conquest by BerndSnail. Players start in a peaceful, rustic environment, engaging in tasks like woodcutting and fishing. As they grow familiar with the world, a troubling encounter with two cruel soldiers from the evil kingdom disrupts the tranquility, spurring the formation of an initial alliance with the warrior Amazons.

Fantasy Conquest

The mainstory continues you can rebuild the house
You catch the first glimpse of your former neighbors (names and relationships can be modified).
First scene with Idalia with a new sexsystem
Lingerie for Rachel
Some bugfixes and skip option for the fighting minigame (skipoption for breedinggame with cheats)
Recruiting the Amazons

Developer: BerndSnail
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.5
Language: English
Size: 206 mb

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