Devil In Your Eyes Version 0.04.1


Devil In Your EyesDevil In Your Eyes

You play as a graphic designer who recently moved back to his hometown at the invite of a childhood friend/ex-girlfriend. You are leaving a thankless job and a soulless relationship behind and trying to start over. Your hometown has changed but some of the seedy underbelly that drove you away remain. A few of the friends you once had remain, but changed. You will meet new friends that seem to go right along with the changing town. Will you be corrupted by the changing town and the people in it or rise above it??


Today’s release is an update to DIYE 0.04, offering a few minor improvements:
* Added Rachel to the End of Day stats screen.
* Updated the way we track character opinion of the player to have a minimum and maximum value. This is NOT a finished adjustment, and we intend to mess with it a bit more in future updates, but it shouldn’t impact your experience.
* The usual typo fixes.

Developer: Graphicus Rex
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Devil In Your Eyes Version: 0.04.1
Censored: No
Size: 1800 mb

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