Dark Magic v0.5



The story is all about you (the player), an only man in this town. They don’t really know what is happening with all of those men. It has been a long time since the last man was born. Until you! You were born and grow up in a small family with nothing special. Your life is moving in the linear direction with an extra boring in it until you’ve met with someone… Someone who will change your life forever!

I have to apologize for my poor English. I am not a native English speaker, but I’ll do my best to make most of it understandable. Thank you to you all for the supporting!?

Added more than 1000 render images in this version!
Added new 29 animation videos.
Changed “Go to” location UIs from Text to Icon.
Increased dialogue transition speed.
Added/Changed House’s background images (Include your room)
Added “Working” animations when Work at Town Mine.
Increased Chizue service’s cost.
New location: Home front
New location: Bar
Introduce 3 new characters through the story.
Added “Join us” in Main menu (Links)
Added inside the Local Store.
You can drink Rum in your room.
Drinking has small effect on your character (Useful for earlier game)
Event: The bar drunk events.
Event: Morning at Red Place.
Event: Spiders must die.
Event: Airi & Taka night out.
Event: Airi morning bath scene.
Event: Sada comes back home.
Event: Tamiko sleep problem.
Event: Taka’s breastfeed.
Event: Kimiko ran away from home.
Event: Kimiko & Momoko bath together.
Event: Kimiko & Momoko night scene.
Event: Kimiko & Momoko ghost prank.
Event: Queen at your home.
Event: Dinner with Queen.
Event: Extended more 2 scenes in Dinning room (Dessert, Sandwich)
Event: Human Ruriko (Red Witch power #1)
Event: Kimiko & Kimika bath #2
Event: Kimiko interrupt her mother.
Event: Head check-up with Hitomu & Namie.
Event: Yasuko’s sick.
Event: welcome gift for Yasue.
Event: Added 2 Dreams.
Event: Morning activities with Ruriko.
Event: (Mainquest) Final test day #1.
Event: Meet Flower Fairy (2 Events).
Scene: Morning mana regeneration.
Scene: Sleep with Airi: +1 Extended scene.
And many more!!! (I can’t list all)
Added new 36 “Book of Memory” memories:
Airi: +6 memories.
Momoko: +5 memories.
Taka: +3 memories.
Red Witch & Ruriko: +6 memories.
Hitomu & Namie: +1 memory.
Yasuko & Yasue: +2 memories.
Kimika & Kimiko: +6 memories.
Chizue & The bar: +2 memories.
Dark Fairy & Kana: +1 memory.
(New) Flower Fairy: +2 memories.
(New) Sada: +1 memory.
Main quest: +1 memory.
# Expected playtime (From V0.4.1 – V0.5.0): 3.0 Hours

# Fact (V.0.5.0):
This game contains:

6,828 dialogue blocks, containing 41,911 words.
3,984 images files.
157 animation videos clips.
10 music audio clips.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 1180 MB







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