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Castle RockCastle Rock

Castle RockCastle Rock


Castle Rock Pretty much you create a character, there’s a bit of outfit customization, set some stats and explore the map to encounter enemies and a handful of special events.

You explore each tile to unlock futher tiles & more difficult enemies/ larger party sizes. Castle Rock You can gain 5 different party member types with unique animations. There are about 18 different mobs and around 53 different animations between them. There are different animations for win/losing and enemies of different factions will fight each other. You can mouse over animations to view them at a larger size. Spend experience points to unlock/ upgrade perks.
Alpha 4 Changelog
Combat Changes:
General quality of life improvements to combat which ultimately creates a new ‘late game’ for combat. Previously combat end conditions were somewhat unclear and spontaneous. Combat now continues until the player is ready for it to end. Players have more options when they are losing or lost, and even after the fight as well.

The fleeing aspect has been improved, while under the hood system is unchanged, it’s build up is now visible and players can now see how close combatants are to escaping. Player Parties now follow the player out on flee attempts. Enemy fighting styles have been adapted and can attempt to flee as well.

Robots are now a bit different in combat, no longer requiring energy like the rest of us living souls. Players will discover they will need to use different strategies when fighting these mobs.

Perks and Experience:
Experience gains have been greatly increased, and perk cost has been adjusted. Basic Brood Mother and Engineering Perks can be purchasable. Each level unlocking additional tiers which give recruitment access to higher level mobs. Tier 1 – Drone/ Bloatfly, Tier 2 – Rover/ Leyak, Tier 3 – Android. Programmer and Hive Mind perks allow the player to completely control the respective party member type during combat. Finally Butcher/Scrapper perks which give extra resources from combat victories.

New Event:
Players can now discover enemies already partaking in sexual acts. While exploring alone, the requirement for sneaking up and watching is only [4] Smart, with an additional point required for each extra party member.

New Enemies:
Another Ekdromoi tribe member, the Ekdromai. Another female family member with a skittish fighting style found in fields and scrapyards past the n1 range.
An Android, a humanoid robot found in scrapyards past the n1 range, can be repaired as a party member if the player has the engineering 3 perk.
The Rover enemy has been retextured slightly, and is now also able to acquired as a party member if the player has the engineering 2 perk.

New Animations:
(1) Female Climax animation for Female X (Generic) Male.
(2) Android X (Generic) Female
(3) Android X (Generic) Male
(4) Drone X (Generic) Female
(5) Male X (Small Breasted) Female – (Ekdromai)
(6) Male X (Small Breasted) Female – (Ekdromai)
(7) Rover X (Small Breasted) Female – (Ekdromai)

New Filter Options:
Very specific filter options which effect enemy spawns. –It does not yet filter the voyeur special event–
If all the mobs are disabled in a biome, a filler enemy “Dinki Di” will appear instead. There are no lewds associated with this mob. It’s more of a failsafe condition when all enemies are disabled.

Version: Alpha 4
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows/Linux/Mac
Language: English
Size 123 MB

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