California Strip Poker Version 0.27


California Strip Poker

A game of strip poker against multiple sexy ladies.

Avatar composites: male avatars will now appear in composite images along with the ladies in most locations. Now you have some almost-literal skin in the game! (Special thanks to Stripe for contributing the composite images for Jong and Jamal!)

Persistent settings: preferred game type and avatars will now be saved into a settings file, so they can be restored the next time you play.

New AI traits: Ruthless and Kind player traits will affect whether they choose to finish you off with a well placed shield if they can afford to. If you’re down to your underwear and you’re facing Rosie, buy that shield before she does!

Updated opponents:

Denise’s bedroom pajamas outfit is now fully fleshed out, with extra poses and custom stripping images for all her clothes. Enjoy!
Candy an Vivian’s cheerleader outfit now requires beating them both at once to be unlocked.

Bug fixes:

Saving and reloading no longer nets you an extra $50
Picking a female avatar outfit with extra starting cash no longer gives you extra starting cash
Fixed a bug where starting a new game with a female avatar occasionally auto-played your first action (poorly)

Genre: 2d game, male protagonist, point & click, stripping
Developer: Eldricus
Platform: Windows
Language: English
California Strip Poker Version: 0.27
Censored: No
Size: 825 mb

Download game: