Blossom Of Pleasure Version 0.30 + Inc patch


Blossom Of Pleasure

Blossom Of Pleasure

After a few years of study, you return home. Nevertheless, certain aspects have changed. You can tell that your loved one has started using terms of domination to describe her new habits, it could be due to the some interest in BDSM. Have you got the guts to stick with this.


Dom Path

Default scene with Karen in the kitchen (Evening)
Default scene with Karen in the dining room (Night)
Karen prepares dinner for you. She is not a good cook. It’s best to discipline her. (Evening / Dining)

Sub Path

Cafe management is now available in this path.


You can train women in your dungeon (dominant path)
First Person to train is Karen
Spank her with different tools. Hear her scream in pain!
I’ve created over 350 bruises for the spanking.
You will see how her skins is getting red and blue


Added new location to the world map
Graveyard can be found during the night. You have to find it in the forests. (It is hidden)
You will be rewarded with more APs
There is a small minigame. (It will get easier the more often you fail.)


Added new item in the store that permanently increases your AP by +1

Management Minigame

Balancing – prices for new devices increase at a lower rate and are capped at 100

Hospital Minigame

You can skip the minigame after you’ve failed at least one time


Added prestige to smartphone. (It’s easier to track your prestige)
Added icon for money (smartphone).


Added cheat menu. Can be found at the graveyard after you’ve activate it with the secret code.
Unlimeted energy
Add money
Increase stats
Inc. / dec. mood
Unlock gallery


Developer: Bildur
Platform: Windows/Linux
Language: English
Version: 0.30
Censored: No
Size: 2330 mb

Download game:


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