Blossom Of Pleasure Version 0.2


Blossom Of Pleasure

After a few years of study, you return home. Nevertheless, certain aspects have changed. You can tell that your loved one has started using terms of domination to describe her new habits, it could be due to the some interest in BDSM. Have you got the guts to stick with this??


Reworked story handling
Side image size can be changed in settings
Brightness of night images can be changed in settings
10 new scenes
Gallery (smartphone) is working
2 buyable items (unlock during story)
Delivery system for bought items
Preparation for worldmap (not yet accessible)
Reworked UI – new icons, position, size
Autoevents – Algorithm will decide when to show you the events
Custom Quick Menu (Android)
Hide button on top of the screen (Android)
Bigger buttons in smartphone (Android)
At least one mini scene / image for every time slot
Preference system – During dialoges some answers will be saved and I will use this information in future scenes. For example: Same scene but female char is blank / hairy
Ending screen after you have unlocked all scenes

Developer: Bildur
Platform: Windows/Linux
Language: English
Version: 0.2
Censored: No
Size: 1130 mb

Download game:


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