Between Salvation and Abyss (Ch.7 Part 2)


Between Salvation and Abyss

Between Salvation and Abyss

Between Salvation and Abyss

After spending several years in a correctional facility, Ethan returns home. A house that belongs to his “landlady’s mother”, and is located in a remote town (Crimson City)
Ethan, will have to “strengthen” the ties with his family and other characters that will enter the scene.
But most importantly, you will have to discover the secrets hidden in the shadows of the city.


Chapter 6 Part 1
Content update:

– More than 350 renders.
– Routes of Alysha, Alessia, Kumiko, Katya, Lyna, Valeska and Victoria.
– Introduction of a new and last character: Anne Marie.
– 11 animations

If you are confused by some sentences. I suggest you read the conversations carefully.
Some probably don’t like certain fetishes. IDC
Part two will have much more content for those who won the poll.


Developer: Ethan Krautz
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: Chapter 7 Part 2
Censored: No
Size: 1310 mb

Download game:


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