Beth the Exhibitionist (Final)


Beth the Exhibitionist

Beth is locked out of her hotel room…naked. Your job is to help her make the right choices that’ll lead her to clothes without getting arrested or being seen by too many people in a short Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game with 3D Images. Includes Miku’s Strip Trivia Night.

Beth has made a deal with Miku. You’ll need to do whatever Miku wants for a night and it looks like she wants to play a strip game with you. Featuring
300 video game themed trivia questions across potentially 8 rounds. If you can answer 4 of 5 questions correctly in a round, Miku strips. If you get
more than 1 question wrong in a round, you strip. The game has 5 endings, 4 of which are forfeits for Miku that involve streaking and sending nudes. Game features 220 3D rendered images and 300 questions.

Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, exhibitionism, vaginal sex, oral sex, adventure

Developer: ENF Stuff
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Beth the Exhibitionist Version: Final
Censored: No
Size: 2860 mb