Back At The Smiths v0.0.3



Back At The Smiths is a game where you play as Lt. Jax Briggs as he returns home after a horrific bleach accident turns him into a white blonde guy. He returns home to his thicc as a brick “landlady” and “roommate” and cybernetic maid, and proceeds to woo them via the power of his majestic schlong of justice on his quest to save the world by way of deep dicking.

-Clicking anywhere will proceed to next scene, not just below name in message box.
You are now able to click on the middle of the screen and proceed to next text easily.
-new character and character arc
-introduction of new characters
-and a new and hopefully better artstyle
Some of the old scenes were not updated, but they should be done by the next update

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 166 MB

Download game: