Aphrodisia Ch.3.9.9


You’ll play as a nobody, who could never get things right and never really cared much about it. But one fateful night you receive a visit of a magical creature that gives you powers. Now you’ll be able to change your life using your new tools to find a hidden vocation. And the best part: you will do that by fucking whoever you want to.


Ch3 V.3.9.9
-Two in-game days (12 & 13)
-Tyler can now buy item from the sexshop for you;
-Fixed new items system: now you can use energy drinks and spray delayer throughout the day, whenever you see fit;
-New system to give items as gifts to girls during sex scenes;
-New way to earn money from selling recorded content from shoplifters;
-10 new sex scenes (including mini games and a shoplifter scene);
-Introduction of handyman service, another way to earn money;
-Introduction of Jack’s place.

Developer: Dr.Wolfman
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: Ch.3.9.9
Language: English
Size: 7010 mb

Download v3.9.0:
update only (Ch3 v3.9.0 to Ch3 v3.9.9): Size: 3340 mb

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