A Clever Name Version 0.03.1


A clever name

A Clever Name

You are an average guy living with your sister then one day you meet a dirty minded fairy.
There is no actual plot going on here.
I know it’s not much of an original idea but I will see where I can go with it.?

Sorry no new content here
Fixed some bugs
Corrected some errors
Hopefully didn’t introduce some more
Added a scene replay gallery
But it does require a restart to log the character names and unlock the girls/scenes
I figured better to get this started and working now rather than later
This took more time and work to figure out than I thought it would
but now it’s done I can just keep adding to it

Developer: RandyJMarsh
Platform: Windows
Language: English
A clever name Version: 0.03.1
Censored: No
Size: 717 mb

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