Lecherous Village Version 0.1.5


Lecherous Village

This game is not about saving the world or slaying dragons. It’s about everyday life of somewhat naive girl in the world of fantasy and magic.?

Event updates:

Added 2 night events to Gort route
Added 4 sauna events to Gort route
Added 1 even for Amber route

Daily quests:

Added free breakfast in Harold’s Inn – available in the Morning
Added Borus’s Daily Quest – available in the Morning
Added James Daily Quest – available in the Afternoon
Gardening Daily Quest is moved to Amber and happens in the Afternoon now
Washing clothes Daily Quest for Amber is available at Noon
Sauna now happens on Tuesday and Friday

Overall changes:

Added Quest Log
Added HUD for character stats and week/day information
Added Relationship information to character status
Addes Skills information to character status
Added feature to sleep until the next day
Nap now restores a small amount of stamina
Added Scene Gallery (available in Lynn’s room after Intro Quest is Completed)
Sligthly increased Relationship rewards range for Gort events
Added additional day phase (required for future daily quests and events)
Updated character models and related character portraits
Made a bunch of bugfixes and small adjustments

Developer: GameBear
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Lecherous Village Version: 0.1.5
Censored: No
Size: 396 mb

Download game:


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