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Returning from the military, you are looking forward to reuniting with your cousin, meeting new girls, and, most excitingly, participating in a new Immersive Reality Game. But you quickly discover that civilian life can be just as chaotic as the battlefield. Especially when it involves balancing your time studying, and managing the various needs (and… wants) of 4 beautiful women that you are living under the same roof as you.

But things only get more confusing when you get selected to also participate in training the AIs by playing on the monster side. After an unfortunate incident, the AI introduces some of the more objectable elements of the human experience into the gameplay.
Do you prioritize your role as a hero, protecting the women from this new evil by helping them to grow both in levels and as people? Or do you exploit this opportunity to take advantage of their weaknesses and awaken their slumbering desires? Only you, the player, can decide their fate..


Wyldspace 0.1.3 Public Release
While the focus is on Kassia, here are the new features:

– Visit each girl on their sidejob in the first week
– You’re realizing you’re sharing the bathroom with Kassia
– Go on a date with Kassia. In the second week, that can lead to an interesting situation
– Kassia will experience a surprise on her job in the second week

Lots of under the hood fixes and improvements.
The week 2 will still end Monday night.


Developer: Wyldspace
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Language: English
Size: 370 mb

Download game:



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