Wife Trainer Version 0.6c



0.06c Fixed:
• Additional work on the bug preventing some clients from appearing for their session.
• Bug preventing you from spending your money after selecting an advanced start.

• Major bug preventing some clients from appearing for their session.

• You can now deal with Bree’s bad habit.
• You can now put Bree to work, which is also a new way to earn a reward from the Club President.
• Tracy the Club Member can now become a Minor Client. This option opens up even if the event between Tracy and Sam at the Club doesn’t happen (although the blackmail options with Tracy following the Sam event do not otherwise open up). Tracy’s story can intersect with Elsa’s and Diamond’s currently. It will intersect with Terri’s, Lauren’s, and Becky Sue’s as well, when their stories get to that point.
• You can now lend a slave to Master M, advancing his story line.
• Introduction to new character Fairyn the Trust Fund Baby. She can become a Minor Client. Her story intersects with Diamond’s currently. When more fully developed, it will also intersect with Rae’s and Lauren’s, and potentially some others depending on how far I develop this story.
• When playing as a Natural Dom, you can now receive a gift that impresses Julia the Jewelry Store Owner, opening up content with her.
• Small additions to Terri the Slavegirl’s content.
• More sex content with Terri the Adult Baby.
• Additional optional content for Terri the Adult Baby, for which you can set how clean or messy you want it to be.
• You can now be financially dominated by Principal Hannah.
• A tiny teaser about the direction Terri the Hypnotist’s Assistant’s story will be going (but you may not stumble across it; don’t worry, it won’t be hard to find when it gets fleshed out properly).
• A small integration issue between Tracy’s story and Elsa’s after Elsa becomes your girlfriend.
• A few minor bugs.
• Brought the cost to enter Dark Arts Store after getting a “gift” in line with the updated costs of these items.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 577 MB

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