Whores of Thrones Strip Game Version 0.05p


Whores of Thrones Strip Game

Strip card game with the characters of Whores of Thrones game

This is a “Strip Poker” type game, with the theme taking from Whores of Thrones Season 2, and using a custom card game. In the initial release, you play as Jon Snow, with your opponents being some (2 in v0.01) of the women that man The Wall. Whether you win or lose, there are images and animations of the characters. Over time, more protagonists and more opponents will be added. Patrons will be able to influence the order in which characters are added.


new opponent – Vika for Jon v.05
new opponent – Myrcella for Cersei v.04
added missing scene to gallery v.03
one new MC – Cersei v.02
2 new opponents – Micella and Margaery v.02
new AI system v.02
new gallery system – you can replay whole scene instead of single animation v.02

Developer: FunfictionArt
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Whores of Thrones Strip Game Version: 0.05p
Censored: No
Size: 167 mb

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