War of the Orcs Version 1.0.6


War of the Orcs

The Player plays as an Orc anti-hero who must accomplish a feat of strength to become the new Orc Chieftain, this involves starting a war with the enemy humans and capturing their princess.?

War of the Orcs Changelog:
Added 8 garrison unit slots to the main base so the player can store units there and change around their army composition.
Added quest system with objectives and rewards. Quests can be viewed from base and rewards include bonus troops sent from the chieftain upon completing certain tasks. (A mechanic to help relieve the troop recruitment issue).
Difficulty levels have been added. Easy, Normal, and Hard. These can be set at the start of the game and will take effect for new games as well as loaded games. – Difficulty effects the size of starting armies, rate of creature growth, amount of player troops available for recruitment, and gold earned from battle. Easy is less creatures, more troops, and more gold, hard is vice versa, normal keeps the game as is.
Tooltip when hovering over enemy armies has been improved so it will give a better representation of relative strength.
Creature growth rates will now take into consideration player army + player garrison strength. If the creature army is stronger than total player army strength, it will slow it’s growth rate for each growth cycle where this holds true.
Adventure map movement has been changed so it will first display the path instead of immediately starting the player walking on it. To walk, the player would click the desired spot twice or hit ‘m’ (m to move). – This way the player can decide about the path before they commit to it to prevent pathing through an enemy by accident etc.
Added chance to find random loot after combat victories.
Added new lewd scene renders + dialogue after defeating Jungle Witches, capturing the Ore Mines, and defeating the Pyramid guards.
Thieves Guild artifact purchasing is now available from the main base.
The main base can now be accessed from anywhere after it’s been built, button added to main UI.

Fixed save system occasionally resetting to default army upon reload.
Fixed save so it would properly display the correct day upon reload.
Fixed exploit where Rogues would keep reappearing after loading game so they could be joined to army repeatedly.
Fixed some UI not displaying correctly after taking over mines.
Fixed UI after taking over lumber mills.
Fixed grid cell tags updating after rogues join army.
Fixed combat loop bug.
Fixed ally rogue combat cell move options not displaying correctly.
Fixed amazon berserker cleave so it would proc correctly and not break combat.
Fixed amazon defender defense proc.
Fixed enemy not properly taking extra turns when they proc good morale.
Fixed occasional attack loop bug.
Changed particle effects for morale and luck procs so there is no delay and they should appear on units that proc them.
Improved 4x combat speed stability.

Developer: Ripe Banana Games
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 1.0.6
Censored: No
Size: 396 mb

Download game: