Under The Horizon version 0.15


Under The Horizon

Under The Horizon is a real-time next-gen adult game made with unreal engine 5.


What’s new:

New location: Home and neighborhood
New adult scenes
Cinematic mode and free camera mode options
5 new hairstyles with the ability to change hair color
Outfits colors can be customized your liking
Improved visuals and better footsteps sounds
2 new male transparent modes
First person perspective animations (first person mode is now almost complete)
Male character can now jog
DLSS implemented for NVIDIA RTX cards

Other improvements:

Improved camera placement and better collision detection in scenes
AI can now perform random activities
Performance improvements
Settings to invert mouse and adjust mouse sensitivity
Other minor changes and improvements


Developer: Under The Horizon
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.15
Language: English
Size: 2990 mb

Download game:



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