Unarmored Princess Version 0.5


Unarmored Princess

New erotic game «Unarmored Princess»
The action of the erotic adventure game “Unarmored Princess” takes place in ancient times, in a small island kingdom, where, by coincidence, the main character of this new erotic game found himself.
In the kingdom, the situation is tense… a dark wave swept the island… a dragon kidnaps locals, strange and dangerous events take place on the island, locals fight against orcs and that’s not all…
In the new erotic game “Unarmored Princess”, you will find many surprises and unexpected plot twists, that is why it is an erotic adventure game!
Whether the protagonist can help the inhabitants of the kingdom and stop misfortunes, you will find out if you play the new erotic game “Unarmored Princess”.
Download the erotic adventure game “Unarmored Princess” and help the lead character to liberate the island and win the heart of the beautiful princess!?

1. Some minor bugs has been fixed
2. Added the online store

1. Some minor bugs has been fixed
2. The quest “Finding the stealages” has been slightly simplified
3. Dialogues with the Princess have been extended

Developer: Nemo
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.5
Censored: No
Size: 1900 mb

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