The Regional Manager Version 0.0.61


The Regional ManagerThe Regional Manager

You are an ambitious businessman in his mid twenties.
You are temporarily in charge of the regional branch of an important Electronics company.
Be nice or not… it’s up to you (Well, mostly not nice for now, as there is little “nice” content for now).


-Added a new Cecilia event at night in the RV with two possible paths
-Added an event with Sharon in the college locker room (Requires Kelly’s event with the Kevins and meeting Dr Zywelter)
-Continued the Brenda / Kelly event.
-Added the doc and his assistant and the lab. No content for his assistant yet.
-Modified dialogues with Meredith regarding the gas leak.
-Tied Meredith speaking at the conference with knowledge about the gas leak.
-Added a mini event with Jessica at the pool.
-Added new swimsuits for Leah at the pool.
-Melissa will now talk to you again after you got all the pics from Joey.
-Updated quest log and game guide.
-Fixed bug that made the game crash with grid overfull error when entering Meredith’s room.


Developer: HorizonticalS
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.0.61
Censored: No
Size: 1030 mb

Download game: