The Prison 2 – Never Ending v0.35


The Prison 2

The game is a sequel of The Prison. The events are occuring one year after the first game. You are now living a dream life, in spite of previous events that have left scars forever. You’re trying to move forward… Unfortunately, things aren’t really going to go as well as expected.


234 new rendered pictures

Main Quest/Story continue:

You have the possibility to redefine the choices you made previously just before reaching the scene. I did that for several reasons but the most important are the fact you can now access directly the scenes without thinking about what kind of choice you have to do in order to get this scene or this scene. It’s also useful for people you want to watch different scenes/branches without redoing “everything”. This is kind of a taste of what will be available in version 0.4 (Replay Room = Watch and Rewatch the scenes you wants)

3 Scenes (Love route, Submissive route or Maid Submissive route)

Same as above. You can redefine the choices.

3 Scenes (Love route, Submissive route or Cuckold Submissive route)

I haven’t done the redefine option for Mila due to the fact there is only two easy options (Submissive choice or normal/dominant choice)

2 Scenes (Normal route, Submissive route)

The rest of the story will unfortunately unfold quickly but the reason why it takes time is mainly the number of paths, options that I also have to design to remain consistent with my choices I made first during the creation of the game.

A save of the game is available at (Slot 1) and will directly brings you to the continuation of the story.

Regarding this and if you didn’t want to redo everything every time, the problem was the name of the character. That’s why the next feature will be useful for some of you.

New feature:

Secret Tool (It cost 200$ at the shop and it’s in fact a cheat tool. This has a Patreon section and a non Patreon one
All users can use the : Change my nickname feature (Basically you can rename your character which is useful if you are using my saved slot)

Developer: Jinjonkun
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.35
Censored: No
Size: 1280 mb

Download game:


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