The Prison 2 – Never Ending Version 0.5 Part 2


The Prison 2

The game is a sequel of The Prison. The events are occuring one year after the first game. You are now living a dream life, in spite of previous events that have left scars forever. You’re trying to move forward… Unfortunately, things aren’t really going to go as well as expected.

What’s new:
– In total for this version 0.5 completed : ~440 Rendered pictures
– For this part 2 : ~240 Rendered pictures

Main Quest/Story continue:
– 1st fight of the tournament : Xanna

This is the first fight at the tournament and there is a lot to talk about. You have different scenes, options during the fight itself and if you win you will get 3 different scenes and 2 different scenes if you lose of choose to submit to her.

The fight could be difficult but you can buy equipment, drop equipment on opponents (Even Janna give XP and some items) I suggest you to try the fight after reaching the level 3

Secondary Quests Continue

Zia :
1st Ending with Zia (Love Scene) – Talk to her to initiate it

Event in a tent (Virtual World):
– 3 Scenes there. Enter the tent located in the virtual world and choose between 2 submissive scenes or 1 dominant scene.

– Orb World got updated with all new scenes

Developer: Jinjonkun
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.5 Part 2
Censored: No
Size: 1400 mb

Download game: