The Prison 2 – Never Ending Version 0.22


The Prison 2

The game is a sequel of The Prison. The events are occuring one year after the first game. You are now living a dream life, in spite of previous events that have left scars forever. You’re trying to move forward… Unfortunately, things aren’t really going to go as well as expected.


About 140 rendered Pictures

Seasonal events added :

Halloween Event is available in the VR Room. You will meet Queen Demona, a lonely queen. You will have different ways to have fun with her. More will be added in it regulary in order to have more content in 2021 etc..
Christmas Event is available in the VR Room. You will meet Lady Maria, a pervert and sexy christmas girl. I had planned more content but there are already 3 different approaches on how you can handle the event. More will be added for next year similar to halloween event.

Bug fixes :

You should finally be able to fight Janna correctly in the virtual world and without bugs. (I removed a transition plugin that I think was the cause of this problem)

Developer: Jinjonkun
Platform: Windows
Language: English
The Prison 2 Version: 0.22
Censored: No
Size: 1130 mb

Download game:


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