The Guardian Version 0.6 + LPatch


The GuardianThe Guardian

THE GUARDIAN: As a member of the Delucci Family, you are a made man… until one day, someone attempts to take the life of your ex-wife, and her children. You are appointed their Guardian, as per custom for any family members of the Delucci Family. The problem is, the children don’t know who you truly are. While protecting them, will you be the loving Guardian? A controlling Protector, or will you use fear to make them respect you. What kind of Guardian will you turn out to be??

600+ renders
6500 lines of code
22 animations
The biggest TG update to date

*Redid version 1s renders to match the redoes of some of the changes to the models of the course of the game
*Added night scenes, repeatable. More scenes added for each update that will be repeatable
*Adding music and sound effects to the ENTIRE game. Redoing all of the previous versions with music and sound
*More choices, and all paths will expand to allow even love paths and vise versa to experience some of the other paths that due to feed back
*The story, due to the votes on my discord and F95, will allow the story to continue only if you want to see it. Otherwise the story will follow the family and when you get
“calls” from story characters(aka your brother or Tony), you can turn it down to stay home with the family. You wont miss any lewds from skipping the “story”
*Gallery mode will unlock for all tiers 10 and over.
*3 new girls, (spoiler from last update) will be introduced

Developer: BlackHeart Games
Platform: Windows
Language: English
The Guardian Version: 0.6
Censored: No
Size: 1700 mb

Download game: