The City of Promise (Ch. 1 Rewrite)


The City of Promise

It’s the future. As the player you’ve lived a sheltered life between your home and school. You’ve just come of age and you’re about to enter a world surrounded by beautiful and sexy women. They’re ready a willing to train you in the sensual delights of their society. A society steeped in mystery, lust, desire, and love. The games will be released over six chapters, each one introducing two new sexy babes.

-Toned-down the sleeping drugs.
-Increased the MC’s reaction to being drugged.
-The other characters are now appropriately apologetic for everything that happened.
-Landlady and Roommate have had their stories improved to help explain their actions.
-Introduced a new character. Who could she be? What are her motivations? Is she really there to help the MC find answers? Is she someone he’s met before?
-Introduced three MORE characters. I could be wrong but it definitely doesn’t seem like they’re here to help the MC.
-Added a hint for the correct outfit combinations in the Roommate’s second game.
-Added a warning about the sound during animated scenes. Still working on the programing to control it.

Developer: TGO Entertainment
Platform: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Version: Ch. 1 Rewrite
Censored: No
Size: 2140 mb



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