Terminal Desires is an erotic, zombie themed, role playing game made with RPG Maker MV. Set in a fictional version of Earth where incredibly skimpy outfits and huge proportions are the norm. Control police officer Tiffany Neil as she and her partner investigate a mysterious distress signal from the small, secluded town of ‘Ashton Lake’ and uncover the horrors within.
Explore the town, face fearsome enemies in combat, make important story defining decisions and sexual choices. Will she submit to her every desire? Or will she resist and uncover the shocking truth hidden deep within the town’s walls? Her fate, along with the town’s is yours to decide…?

* Added Options to Refuse Dr. Milburn’s ‘Abortalite’ if he’s already impregnated Hitomi
* You can now speak (very breifly) with Hitomi and Dr. Milburn after the Basement Quest
* You will now receive all of the correct loot for Killing/Arresting Dr. Milburn
* Terry will now arrive at the Pharmacy (if he hasn’t already) after completing the basement quest
* The basement access door control dialogue is now more helpful in how to progress the scene
* Fixed Glitched Terry Diaogue when saving Tiffany
* Fixed “ghost chair” ~OOOO SO SPOOPY!!! :O
* Fixed a couple of typos

* 3 new story sex scenes (inlcuding a boss fight)
* 1 new defeat/submit sex scene for random zombie enemies
* Added extra dialogue to the end of the Robert impregnation scene.
* Added Abortile, and First Aid Kit items
* Tiffany can now love being bred.
* Tiffany can now love watching other girls being bred.
* You can now take Vanessa with you, if Tiffany killed the zombies that attacked her.
* You can now kill or leave Robert outside.
* You can no longer incorectly trigger the random vaginal sex scene by submitting mid-combat during the first zombie encounter
* Thirst and hunger now decrease.
* Updated stats tracking
* Fixed “The Basement” quest journal crash.
* Fixed some typos

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 442 MB

Download game:


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