The Prison Guard

The Prison Guard v0.3.0

The story about Amy (name changeable), a 36 years old experienced prison guard. She believes correcting prisoner behaviors usually brings a more positive outcome than punishing them. It is not an easy task, but she is strong, determined, and fully energetic. Let’s see how her story will unfold in this choice filled visual novel where…

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A Home In The Desert

A Home In The Desert Version 0.3.1

Successful in the entertainment industry, that has to face some unfortunate events, which will lead them to lose their wealth and renown, leaving them with nothing but their blood ties and the will to get back on their feet. Developer: Misarmor Platform: Windows Censored: No Version: 0.3.1 Language: English Size: 963 mb Download game:…

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Torrid Tales

Torrid Tales New Version 0.8.2

We get to follow along with many characters along the main story plus multiple side stories as well. So whats it about you ask, Without giving away to much and spoiling the story for some. A small neighborhood gets paid a visit and unknowingly becomes part of a science project that corrupts their morals and…

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