Subtle Desires version 0.1.5


Subtle Desires

Game events take place in the city of Wernyhora, surrounded by ancient hills,
covered with dense spruce forest.
At its outskirts, in his aunt’s house, lives an ordinary guy, main protagonist,
utterly bothered by university studies.
One night he wakes up and hears strange, subtle whisper, that becomes louder every night.
Soon a mysterious ancient force, locked in another dimension, manages to make contact with him,
during the moment, when parallel world and human world became as close as possible.
Through guiding the main hero towards his dark wills and desires, it begins its path to freedom,
to avenge its captivity for many centuries


New content:
– Innocent, Tainted1, Tainted2 cousin room laptop scenes
– Innocent, Tainted1, Tainted2 aunt room day scenes
– Innocent, Tainted1, Tainted2 aunt bathroom scenes
– Innocent, Tainted1, Tainted2 aunt and cousin dishwashing scenes
– Tainted1 Tainted2 living room aunt and cousin joint scene
– Tainted2 Tainted1 living room aunt and cousin joint scene
– Tainted2 living room aunt and cousin joint scene
– Tainted 2 cousin sleeping scene
– Tainted 2 aunt sleeping scene
– Innocent, Tainted 1 teacher private class scenes
– New non-femdom version of the 1st chapter’s ending
– New HUD violet theme
– Added fast travel to locations already visited by metro
– Events in calendar when you can use magic on characters received a special mark
– Now there is enough mana for 4 interactions per day
– Rate of characters corruption from interaction can be adjusted on the fly in game
– Added name change function
– Small bugs and shortcomings fix
– Text fixes
– Replacing call with jump where it was appropriate
– Using the standard menu interface where possible instead of custom ones


Developer: Wernyhora Games
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.5
Language: English
Size: 3100 mb

Download game:


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