SlutED Version 0.4



Now this is a story all about how
A girls life got flipped turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there,
I’ll tell you how she became a slut, and that I can’t actually rhyme.*

– added a buymeacoffee button on title screen (pls send moneys!)
– updated the in-game version number to match the actual version number (d’uh)
– enable loading the same save more than once
– fix error with text-to-speech, where no voices are provided by the OS (aka linux error spam bug)
– early exit in _speak() when volume is 0
– more fail safe added
– added extra message when loading the games takes too long
– mod manager fix for mods with comments
– added pubic hair mod as a sample mod
– fixed issue with cut clothes
– clothes dropdown now correctly updates when buying new clothes
– at Docs MC is no longer forced-striped if she has bra and panties on (only striped if she has bra but no panties)
– can no longer leave the nurse office without clothes or with tits/pussy showing
– Ben now gives a free pass in one more path
– free pass for day 2 is now remembered (you may need to replay day 1 if you have low rep with Ben and got the free pass)
– MC reacts less haughty when striping with missing underwear
– when exploring the city time will not progress when finding locations with no content
– removed leg vibrator and clothe pins from shops (you’ll get a refund if you got it in your inventory)
– removed duplicated items from shops
– removed the Odds and Ends shop
– all swimwear now has the ‘swimwear’ tag
– all skirts and dresses are now in the dress shop (except the ones that are too lewd)
– sports clothes, swimsuits and bikinis are now in the sport shop (with some lewd exceptions)
– all shirts and tops are in the shirt shop (with some lewd exceptions)
– underwear and stockings are in the lingerie shop (with some lewd exceptions)
– pants, jeans, and denim clothing are in the denim shop (with some lewd exceptions)
– all kinky, short and transparent clothes are in the sex shop
– items that fit many categories are… well, all over the place
– swimwear and sports clothing have lowered lewdness stats if forming a sport/swim outfit
– maid outfits properly identified as maid outfits (yes, no bottom is a valid maid outfit!)
– shops remember last shopping cart content even when loading a save while in a shop
– items in shops are now sorted by name
– swimwear filter added
– money is now visible in the status/timer
– if giftcard was activated the money is now removed the next day
– you may lose more money then you should when the giftcard gets invalidated, blame the company that issued it – O/\[]
– game now keeps track of when you’ve eaten
– you can cook at home
– shop for food products in mall
– MC can steal food in mall (with low money)
– chance to get caught when stealing
– chance to meet Punk Girl when stealing (3+ things stolen)
– MC can get a job at the pub (basic for now)
– MC can get a job at the cafe (2 shifts for now)
– MC can go to the beach (swimming, peeking, getting peeked at)
– MC can get a job at the bar (basic for now)
– free roaming after day 2 of school (even after meeting the gopnik)
– going around town undressed/exposed
– all animations should now respect the ‘reduced motion’ settings
– added overlay image for player avatar
– drugged css overlay effect
– error messages use f-strings
– big ass arrows in plot editor
– search added to editor
– execute python snippet in editor
– bumped engine version to 1.3
– bumped data version to 0.4
– new bugs, probably(?)

Developer: shark_inna_hat
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.4
Language: English
File size: 115 mb

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